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My creative mission is to serve by manifesting compositions that I call Devotional Art. I utilize found objects, such as, antique and vintage bottles, chandelier crystals, seashells, glass, wood, jewelry findings, and metal in my creations. I believe everyone should have their sacred space, and these devotional art pieces create an area of beauty, reflection, memory, and vision in that space. My pieces can easily integrate with other objects of nostalgia and focus.
My committment and goal is to help others create sanctuary. The space we create around us reflects our personal vision, and when our vision is realized, it mirrors back a sense of wholeness and refuge.

Home is your mirror
Reflect your vision
Reflect your values
Reflect your spirit

A place of Sanctuary

Inspired by my Italian grandmother, who always had an altar and place of reflection in her home. She decorated and embellished her altar area with family photos, reeds from palm trees, flowers, statues of saints, candles, angels, and nuns. If it spoke to her spirit, she would add that object to her altar. After she passed away, I inherited her altar pieces, and from that I decided to create and add my own expressions of devotion, and so UrbanRosary was born.


All things beautiful anywhere anytime. Beauty could be expressed through emotion, with a person, in a place or thing.